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Procurement Reforms

Government of Assam has decided to undertake Public Procurement Reforms to strengthen the State’s capacity to meet its ambitious public investment plans.

Currently procurement in Assam is governed by the Financial Rules, which have not evolved over time to cater to newer models and approaches to procurement. Accordingly Govt of Assam intends to develop & adopt a Public Procurement Policy and Public Procurement Act, supported by appropriate and comprehensive procurement rules and guidelines.

The Public Procurement Act would bring public visibility about legally enforceable provisions in public procurement and would provide a sound basis for ensuring its essential qualities: transparency, accountability, efficiency, economy, competition and professionalism.

The Public Procurement policy document would outline the vision and broad approach on the subject of the Government as to the direction in which it intends to move in future with regard to public procurement and serve a dual purpose: as a reference policy document for the procuring agencies, as well as a public commitment by the Government to the general public and the body of vendors about the good governance principles. Public Procurement Act and Public Procurement Policy Statement would jointly serve as a starting point and sound foundation as well as an overarching reference point for further envisaged comprehensive public procurement reforms.

Attention is invited to the Notification No. FEB (WB-PMU) 25/2016/10 Dtd 15/09/2016 regarding constitution and Terms of Reference of a Task force for this purpose and also indicating the scope of Public Procurement Act. A Team from the World Bank would provide technical support as part of the Assam State Public Finance Institutional Reforms (ASPIRe) Project. The task force will (i) frame a draft “Public Procurement Act of Assam” and “Public Procurement Policy Statement of the Government of Assam” and recommend the same to for adoption by the Govt and (ii) frame draft procurement rules and procedures of Assam, in conformity with the draft Act.

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Notification for Task Force for Drafting Public Procurement Act42.17 KBswf-image