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Economic Affairs

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Shri Rabin Dihingia, CO (M: +91-7002897183,  Email: rabindihingia365@gmail.com)

Superintendent, Economic Affairs


Shri Naresh das, CO (M: +91-7002070805,  Email: naresh.dispur@gmail.com)

Superintendent, Budget

Institutional Finance

Shri Mridul Saikia, Sr. CO (M: +91-9101225200,  Email:)

Superintendent, Institutional Finance

Pay Research Unit

Smti. Shahin Shabnam, CO (M: +91-8472967542,  Email: shahin.shbnm@gmail.com)

Superintendent, Pay Research Unit


Smti. Bijaya Lakshmi Baishya, Sr. CO (M: +91-9854622354,  Email: bizzbaishya789@gmail.com)

Superintendent, Taxation

Establishment A

Shri Shrijeet Basumatary, CO (M: +91-9811680084,  Email: shrijeet.b@gmail.com)

Superintendent, Establishment A

Establishment B

Smti. Sehnaz Begam, CO (M: +91-7002836011,  Email: begamsehnaz999@gmail.com)

Superintendent, Establishment B


Shri Gautam Kumar Gogoi, Jr. A.A. (M: +91-6002617229,  Email:)

Superintendent, SIU

Audit & Fund

 Smti. Rita Devi, CO (M: +91-9859857174,  Email:)

Superintendent, Audit & Fund


 Shri Navajeet Das, CO (M: +91-8638735562,  Email:)

Superintendent, EC-I


 Smti. Dimpi Deka, CO (M: +91-9707823368,  Email:)

Superintendent, EC-II


 Smti. Marigold Terangpi, CO (M: +91-9101108331,  Email:)

Superintendent, EC-III


Smti. Kalpana Das, CO (M: +91-7002584329,  Email: kalpana.das5march@gmail.com); Smti. Dikshita Nath, Technical Support Engineer (M: +91-8486823629,  Email: dikshitanath@gmail.com)

Shri Bhaskar Mahanta, APO/Master Trainer (M: +91-8761899925,  Email: bhaskarmahanta@gmail.com, Shri Mujammil Ali, Sr.A.A/Master Trainer (M: +91-7002742593,  Email: mujammilali331@gmail.com)

Master Trainers of the Finance Department, Government of Assam

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Shri Tamojyoti Bose, Assistant System Administrator (M: +91-9954030309,  Email: tamojyoti.bose@gov.in);

Shri Bhaskar Mahanta, APO (M: +91-8761899925,  Email: bhaskarmahanta@gmail.com);

Shri Pranjal Konwar, Sr.A.A (M: +91-8876731435,  Email: kowarpranjal@gmail.com);

Shri Mujammil Ali, Sr.A.A (M: +91-7002742593,  Email: mujammilali331@gmail.com);

Smti. Antara Talukdar, Sr.A.A (M: +91-9864983305,  Email: a.talukdar2709@gmail.com)