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Government Of Assam Finance

Registration of Firms

Registration of New Firm

Instruction for the Registration of a Firm


  • Either a Judicial Magistrate or a Charted Accountant must be a witness. The nature of business should be stated in brief along with the names of the firm.
  • Signature of the partners should be given in full.
  • Certified copy of Registered Deed of Partnership in original should be enclosed along with Form No.1 which will be returned after verification.
  • Registration fee of Rs.5/- (Rupess five) only is payable for the purpose through treasury challan under Head of Account-1475 Other General Economic Services Fees under Indian Partnership Act 1932.
  • If the Firm Claims that its office is situated on a land, owned by it, the Dag No., Patta No. and proof of its ownership of the land should be furnished. If the office is situated in a rented building and affidavit from the house owner with proof of his ownership should be furnished.
  • Passport size photograph of all the partners signed by self to be furnished.
  • Trade License obtained from the Municipal Corporation/Municipal Board / Town Committee or Gaon Panchayat.
  • If any partner is an assesses for Sales Tax or Income Tax as an individual or he is a partner of any existing firm, which is an assesses for Sales Tax or Income Tax.
  • The Registration number with the mention of the unit of the Sales Tax Office and Permanent Account Number (PAN) or General Index Register Number (GIR Number) in respect of the income should be stated.
  • Attested Photocopies of the upto-date Sales Tax clearance certificate and Income Tax clearance certificate should be enclosed.

Overview and Salient Features

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Process Flow for the Service

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Eligibility Criteria

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