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Assam Society for Comprehensive Financial Management System(AS-CFMS)

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) named as “Assam Society for Comprehensive Financial Management System (AS-CFMS)” set-up after obtaining approval from Hon’ble Cabinet for implementing and managing Public Financial Management Reforms including IT - related projects in the Finance Department and other revenue departments including externally aided projects.

Two tier administrative structure

  • Governing Body (GB) chaired by the Honourable Chief Minister, and
  • Executive Committee (EC) chaired by the Chief Secretary

Project Director and an Additional Project Director leads the Project Management Unit set-up comprising a balanced mix of experienced domain experts and young executives

ASPIRe(Assam Public Finance Institutional Reforms)

The Government of Assam reached out to the World Bank to take advantage of the signifi cant global and local analytical knowledge of PFM reform experience of the Bank which could be a key value addition for the GoA’s reform priorities. The World Bank’s experience in supporting PFM reform projects through IT interventions, which include design, development, and implementation of FMIS and revenue systems across the world, can contribute to effective advice, choice of solutions, and implementation. These international experiences and cross learnings from other states within India will provide the state appropriate technology solutions, procurement support for FMIS and revenue IT solutions, and sequencing/phasing of implementation to facilitate successful implementation while mitigating implementation and change management risks.

In this background, the idea of the ASPIRe Project was conceive and subsequently, the project preparation and appraisal stages were completed and a Project Appraisal Document was placed before the board of directors of the World Bank. The board approved this project in the month of June and thereafter the Indian Government signed the loan agreement with the World Bank for this $44 Million project.


  1. Improvement in predictability and transparency in budget execution
  2. Efficiency in tax administration in Assam

The project has been ceremonially launched on 9th October, 2017 by Hon’ble Chief Minister in presence of Sr Officers of Government of Assam, RBI & AG as well as guests from media

The project consists of three components.

Component 1: Strengthening Public Finance Institutional Capacity will finance activities to strengthen selected PFM institutions and functions in the state. This will include institutional assessment and strengthening, capacity building, and analytical studies;

Component 2: Strengthening Expenditure and Revenue Information Systems;’

Component 3: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Coordination.

Key Beneficiaries

  • Finance Department, Office of Commissioner of Taxes, Department of Excise and Department of Information Technology
  • Procuring agencies across all line departments, directorates and DDOs
  • Employees & Contractors as status of payment of bills etc. will be available
  • Citizens of Assam through efficient processes and better service delivery provided (such as electronic payments and collections for services, better public procurement and enhanced tax payer services) and enhanced transparency
AS-CFMS Society - Application Format for prospective candidates31.87 KBswf-image
ToR for 1 DBT Expert, DBT PMU1.67 MBswf-image
ToR for 1 Finance & Procurement Expert, DBT PMU1.67 MBswf-image
ToR for 1 Legal & Policy Expert, DBT PMU1.67 MBswf-image
ToR for 1 IT Expert, DBT PMU1.67 MBswf-image
ToR for Assistant Software Developer1.11 MBswf-image
ToR for eProcurement Project Manager1.1 MBswf-image
ToR for Account Assistant1.1 MBswf-image
ToR for Senior IT Project Manager1 MBswf-image
ToR for Business Analyst1.26 MBswf-image
ToR for 5 young professionals1.1 MBswf-image
ToR for 2 JPC 1.1 MBswf-image
ToR for 1 Project Manager, DBT PMU1.67 MBswf-image
ToR for HR1.1 MBswf-image
ToR for Project Manager989.87 KBswf-image
ToR for Senior Software Developer1.11 MBswf-image
ToR for Software Developer1.11 MBswf-image
EoI from Payments Bank for DBT589.02 KBswf-image
Notification of Governing Body, AS-CFMS57.76 KBswf-image
Notification of Executive Committee, AS-CFMS58.01 KBswf-image
Project Appraisal Document ASPIRe520.3 KBswf-image
Memorandum of Association, AS-CFMS215.35 KBswf-image
Rules and Regulations, AS-CFMS238.33 KBswf-image
Resolution of First Executive Committee Meeting4.21 MBswf-image
Action Taken on First Executive Committee Meeting 224.32 KBswf-image
Resolution of 2nd Executive Committee755.82 KBswf-image
Action Taken on Second Executive Committee Meeting 238.92 KBswf-image
Resolution of 3rd Executive Committee4.16 MBswf-image
Resolution of 4th Executive Committee2.42 MBswf-image
HR Manual AS-CFMS946.56 KBswf-image
Officer and Official Details of AS-CFMS411.05 KBswf-image
Project Agreement ASPIRe646.51 KBswf-image
Loan Agreement ASPIRe1.23 MBswf-image
Project Implementation Plan ASPIRe1.37 MBswf-image
Updated Project Implementation Plan ASPIRe9.47 MBswf-image
Governing Body Minutes 9.04 MBswf-image
Revised Result Framework482.17 KBswf-image
Restated Loan Agreement498.98 KBswf-image
Restated Project Agreement601.91 KBswf-image
Bye Laws284.68 KBswf-image
Recruitment for Institutional Finance367.23 KBswf-image
Application form for recruitment in ASCFMS(HR Manager, IT Manager, Tech Support Staff)466.02 KBswf-image
ReoI for Consultant in LEAP Cell4.91 MBswf-image
Notice for Recruitment in LEAP Cell of ASCFMS435.04 KBswf-image
Amendment to the Restated Loan Agreement 876 KBswf-image