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Public Procurement

Public Procurement means the acquisition by purchase, lease, license or otherwise of works, goods or services, by a procuring entity whether directly or through an agency with which a contract for procurement services is entered into.

Procurement process means the process of procurement extending from the issue of invitation to pre-qualify or to register or to bid till the award of the procurement contract or cancellation of the procurement process, as the case may be.

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SRFP Consultancy Services Online592.6 KBswf-image
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Assam Public Procurement Act, Rule, Forms and Schedules Combined2.78 MBswf-image
Schedule II77.04 KBswf-image
Rule 33 (b)73.6 KBswf-image
Section 3 (4)(a)(1)74.02 KBswf-image
Rule 24 (m)(iii)(d)(1)75.29 KBswf-image
Rule 25(3)(b)(1)73.08 KBswf-image
SBD Goods Offline Single envelope257.09 KBswf-image
Office Memorandum for Procurement of items from GeM and Assam Tenders Portal803.37 KBswf-image
Handbook on Assam State e-Procurement Portal1.3 MBswf-image
Advisory_e-Procurement923.7 KBswf-image
Notification for amendment of Assam Public Procurement Rule 2020759.1 KBswf-image
Advisory regarding procuring through GeM289.28 KBswf-image
Advisory regarding Bid submission and cancellation361.13 KBswf-image
Advisory regarding PBG/ RFQ or Spot Purchasing378.13 KBswf-image
Advisory regarding Quality and Cost based Selection 369.28 KBswf-image
Advisory regarding Tender Inviting Authority354.76 KBswf-image
Public Procurement